Summer Reading for the Soul

Summer Reading

     With the recent death of Robert Pirsig, the author of the classic book, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanRobert Pirsig in the 1970'sce, we are reflecting on books that are perfect for the different stages of life we are all entering.  His bestseller holds the record for the the largest number of rejections by a subsequent bestseller, 121 for Pirsig's book.  Going on to sell over 5 million copies, his book helped speak about the transect of one generation from youth to adulthood, a shift reflected in the movements of the generations now.  What book are you reading in these changing times?  Bring a title and share with us and have a conversation about what you are reading this summer. 

     Join us for a free conversation 6:30 PM, May 25th at the NE Public Library Branch at 5513 Thomasville Rd.  If you would like more information please email us at